In case you haven’t noticed, Bradley International Airport has been adding new flights left and right in an effort to compete with nearby Boston and New York City.

In the last year,Connecticut’s biggest airport has added direct flights to Dublin, Ireland, Denver, Colorado, and now sunny Los Angeles, California, according to a report from NBC Connecticut.

It’s a cool strategy that allows us Connecticut folk to expand our horizons and see more places. But, inadvertently, it is also a strategy that allows us to abandon our state entirely.

You see, Connecticut has been having a small issue with population control. In that it cannot seem to keep its population in Connecticut. People are fleeing in droves because of whether, because of cost of living, and, of course, because of taxes. Heck, it’s not even limited to people – General Electric abandoned ship just last month.

It’s essentially a mass exodus that CT Boom has covered before and that is hurting Connecticut. We can’t attract the best and brightest and ensure a positive future for the state. And now, in an effort to lure those people with cool travel options, we are also opening  new funnel for those people to escape.

And if that wasn’t enough, they added this direct flight to sunny, warm, beautiful LA right around the first big snow storm of the year here in Connecticut. Talk about timing!

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