Looks like flights to Dublin aren’t the only new things Bradley International Airport is getting.

Connecticut’s gaming scene is a frenzy right now as the possibility of a third casino nears reality, and apparently the folks at our state’s largest airport couldn’t resist joining the fray.

As you might know already, the two Native American tribes that run the casinos here in Connecticut have joined forces, gotten the blessing of the state, and are moving forward to build a third casino to combat revenue and job loss that could come from a new casino in Springfield, Massachusetts. Several towns are pitching themselves as the best possible site for said casino. The tribes are taking proposals. And MGM is pissed because it wants a shot to build the casino instead of the tribes.

Suffice to say, it’s a mess. But a mess that Bradley wants in on.

According to a report from The Associated Press, head of the Connecticut Airport Authority Kevin Dillon said that if Windsor Locks votes to approve a casino proposal, Bradley will submit a bid.

This is actually not the worst idea in the world. As of now, I have no reason to fly out of Bradley instead of out of Logan or JFK or LaGuardia. It’s basically whatever is cheapest. Flying is stressful and frankly, no one has any loyalty to airports. But if Bradley can differentiate itself from the agonizing monotony of flying at those other airports, it could be a big boost for their business.

People would start showing up much earlier for their flights. They’d hang out at bars and buy drinks and food in between sessions at the slots and blackjack tables. More money would get spent left and right.

The more I think about it, the more I want this. And hey, if you win big, you can use the cash to upgrade to first class. I see no downsides here, just give it to them already.


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