Connecticut has been having a rough few years. We are ranked near dead last on just about every list. We’re facing a legitimate budgetary crisis. We can’t even agree on something as simple as how much we should pay for booze.

But amid all the chaos, our state has had one unexpected bright spot: Bradley International Airport.

Bradley’s rise to prominence started quietly. First, a little direct flight to Denver, Colorado. Not headline grabbing, but nice for anyone interested in pot tourism. Then, later that same month (January), a direct flight to sunny Los Angeles. Again, nothing major, but if you were looking to escape winter for a little while, California is a good place to do it.

Back-to-back victories like that can go one of two ways. Either it can be the end of the story: Two small wins for our small state, but nothing life-changing. Or it can snowball into something much, much bigger.

For Bradley International Airport, those two flights were simply getting the ball rolling.

And the next check mark in the win column was to bring the “International” back to “Bradley International Airport.” They did that by striking a deal with Aer Lingus to add direct flights to Dublin to Bradley’s offerings. Denver and LA were nice, but this was the big win we’d been waiting for.

With Aer Lingus on board, it was only a matter of time until more headlines followed.

First it was the casino rumors. Could Bradley not only become a major competitor for air traffic but also a full entertainment venue? It’s seemingly on the table.

Then it was the additional of Spirit Airlines. As one of the cheapest airlines out there, traveling out of Hartford wasn’t just appealing for its new destinations, it was appealing for its prices.

And now, according to The Hartford Courant, Bradley isn’t just dipping its toe into the international pool with Aer Lingus, it’s going for a full-on cannon ball by adding Norwegian Air to the mix.

According to the report, Norwegian will take passengers from Bradley to Edinburgh, Scotland three times a week starting in June. One-way fares? They start at $65.

Suffice to say, people are going to be making that trip. It’s irresistible. And soon enough, Bradley International Airport as a whole will be irresistible. It’s the one good thing this state has going, and it’s absolutely crushing it.

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