Is this real life? A man actually knocked out another guy’s front tooth over CRAB LEGS?

It wasn’t as if the state was already nationally humiliated because a woman called 911 when a local pizza place got her order wrong.  Now, we have this.

Royal Buffet in Manchester must have some awesome crab legs because people are willing to spill blood over them.  Two people were arrested after a brawl broke out in the buffet line.  As for what caused it… who knows.  Do we even WANT to know?

As if the situation couldn’t get any worse, the mother of the man who lost a tooth swooped in and hosed his assailants down with pepper spray.

The victim nor mommy dearest are being charged because police determined she used pepper spray in an act of self defense.  As for the other half of the fight: Clifford and Latoya Knight?  The crabby couple was arrested and will have their day in court on the 14th.

So, we had pizza woman and crab battle… what’s next?  They say everything comeS in threes.  Unfortunately.

We haven’t had a case of drive-thru rage in a while, so, my money’s on that.

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