How awesome is this?  Nursing mothers around the state are putting their extra milk to very good use.

Connecticut’s first milk bank in Guilford, Human Breast Milk Depot, is happily accepting donations of what moms call “liquid gold.”   The term is definitely fitting as the milk is shipped to hospitals to help nourish premature and sick babies in the NICU.

It’s a game changer, especially for children too ill to digest formula.  It also reduces hospital costs and stays.

One mother, Amy Farotti of North Branford, was the depot’s first donor after her child began rejecting the bottle.  So far she’s donated around 300 ounces.  An NICU baby, according to FOX61, takes about an ounce of milk every hour.

Women undergo extensive screening before they can become a donor, such as providing medical history and blood work.  The milk is also  tested, much like donated blood.

Moms interested in helping Human Breast Milk Depot can click HERE.

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