Oh boy. Wedding season. Now, I’ll be very clear. I’m not married at all, nor any of my friends, but having been a part of a wedding for extended family, I understand these things are INCREDIBLY stressful. Everything could fall apart at any moment, some of them are wicked expensive, and everyone’s on a razor’s edge, hoping it all goes right.

That being said, what this bride, who goes by the name of Susan, asked her guests to do is insane! She wanted a $60,000 wedding, a destination wedding to Aruba. All she was asking for was “a little help from her friends to make this dream of mine come true.”

How much is a little help from her friends? She asked every single guest for a cash donation of $1,500. Every. Single. One. If they didn’t fork over the money so Susan could jet off to Aruba with her hubby and live her dream, they were automatically kicked out of the wedding.

Not a single guest thought this was a good idea, and refused to  donate any money. Susan went IN on every guest in a 4 page, 1,000 word thesis on Facebook which attacks everyone involved. Her fiance, (who has since broken up with her over his idea of getting married in Vegas instead) her maid of honor, and every guest that said no way to paying.

Some of my favorite lines from this Facebook tirade are as follows, ” I mean, seriously people! What is $1,500 anyways!” And this gem “I just wanted to be a Kardashian for a day and then live my life like normal.”

With wedding season coming up, just remember one thing. $1,500 is a lot of money.


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