Although dog fighting is illegal, it still plagues this state.   But it doesn’t harm just dogs, but it also affects cats.

The Bridgeport Animal Rescue Crew, or BARC, issued a stern warning to Connecticut residents about the unintended consequences of giving away your animals for free.  Especially kittens.

Sometimes free adoptions place the kittens into loving homes, but other times, they wind up in the hands of an opportunistic creep looking to make a quick buck.

BARC posted a photo of rescued kittens, covered from head to paw in permanent marker, that were intended to be used as bait in dog fights.  Spectators would have placed bets on them to see which “color” lasted the longest.   Thankfully, the two babies avoided ever seeing the ring.  Unfortunately, not all kittens get such a happy ending.

Rescues like these are “common” in Bridgeport.  Hopefully, with more people talking about this, instances like this will end.

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