Ouch.  Even with Bridgeport bringing in a casino and new amphitheater, they still have a long ways to go to rehabilitate their image.  Because they are now the 2nd worst city in America for millennials

So, Bridgeport Daily Voice first broke the news that disparaged their beloved city.  A website called Apartment Listing studied 75 metro areas and ranked them based on affordability, livability, and jobs.  Turns out Bridgeport failed in every category.  No silver lining at all.

Out of 75 cities, Bridgeport finished in 74th place.  Only beaten by Riverside, California.  Bridgeport also managed to nab an overall F grade.   Then again, no one can truly say they’re really surprised by this.

For jobs it earned a score of 48.  They calculated that score based on the city’s job market, wage growth, and millennial unemployment rate.  Obviously, given that the state struggles in this category as a whole… yeah.

In affordability, that number went down to 20.  For that category, they studied the city’s median rents and figured out what percentage of the population can afford it.  Considering CT’s rents skyrocket every year, that pitiful ranking is no surprise.  As of this year, the average resident must make over $24 an hour to afford basic rent.

Lastly, it received the poorest score in livability, coming in at 18.   A good portion of that score tied directly to Bridgeport’s lack of entertainment.  Mostly, access to parks, night life, ability to make friends, and safety.  Guess which factor really helped them there?  Yeah.

Also, New Haven ranked in 66th.  Basically, it made the top 10 worst cities in 10th place.  But they managed to nab a D on their report card.

For jobs they scored a 51.  a 43 in affordability.  And for livability, they earned a whopping score of 9.   Wow.

Apartment Listing also touched upon both cities’ struggle to attract millennials.   They mentioned GE and Aetna’s departure alongside the state’s shrinking population.   On top of that, they added that they can’t compete with Boston and NYC.  Ouch.  Thanks for that.

So, which city earned the overall best ranking?  Pittsburgh, PA.  Yeah, I was surprised about that, too.

Anyways, will the new amphitheater and MGM casino save Bridgeport?  Or, will our state continue to hemorrhage millennials until there’s no young workers left?  What should the state do to keep them here?

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