Spending time with family is important and healthy. Going for walks, riding bikes or taking in a movie are some favorite bonding activities for most people. A Bridgeport mother and daughter have a more unique, and illegal, bonding activity.

Peggy Curtiss and her daughter Peggy Curtiss were arrested in the strangest home invasion ever. And yes, you read that right, they are both named Peggy. I will refer to them by their name followed by their ages so you can follow along. It seems Peggy35 really needed to get into a home that was occupied by the owners. She walked in the unlocked door but was quickly escorted out. She didn’t take a hint though as she re-entered the home a second time. This time by throwing a lawn decoration through a window. It was at this point the homeowners said “F*ck this” and called the cops while leaving the home.

When cops arrived, they found Peggy55 (and it’s a rough 55) in the driveway of the home and promptly arrested her. They then entered the home and found Peggy35 in a bathroom. She was no-compliant (of course) and had to be coerced with a taser. She was then taken into custody. No motive has been established at this point.

You have to hand it to Bridgeport, they keep it interesting.

Via CTPost

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