From the “Why I Don’t Go To Church” files.

Bobby Davis was the pastor at Miracle Faith World Outreach Church in Bridgeport. He had been with the church since its founding way back in 1967 and had just celebrated his 50th wedding anniversary last year. Sounds like a righteous man, right? Appearances can be deceiving.

During this past Sunday’s service Davis was confronted by his congregation amid accusations of infidelity. During the hubbub the pastor dropped dead. Based on the report one can only assume his heart gave out amid the chaos or he had a secret-agent-style suicide pill in a tooth and he bailed on his own. The investigation is ongoing but the report states nothing about foul play. Although, it does not say if he was wife was present during the incident. I am not implying she is responsible but, you know, the whole “woman scorned” thing…

It is a sad statement of the world we live in when you can’t even trust a man of God to be faithful. That is assuming the accusations were true. Perhaps God was just doing him a solid and getting him out of there. We may never know.

Via CTNews | Image: (c) iStock/Thinkstock

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