But it’s not.


Connecticut is facing a huge problem in our state right now. Attracting young millennials to live and work in Connecticut. Whether that’s staying in the state they grew up in, staying in the state they just graduated from school in, or choosing Connecticut as the state they want to move to. It’s one of the main reasons GE jumped ship for Boston. They feared future employment at the company was at risk because no young people want to live in boring old suburbia. You know what? They’re not wrong. Young people want fun, lively, happening cities where they can meet other people. Hence GE’s move to Boston.

The problem is, GE was only half right about this. Sure Connecticut, as it is right now, can’t really compete with major cities like NYC, Boston, Chicago. But the potential is here! The foundation is in place. We already have the cool areas, it’s just a matter of dusting them off and building them up to make it happen.

Take Bridgeport for example. Where this exact process seems to be (I hope) in place. The wheels are turning. The Steelpointe Harbor area SHOULD BE one of the most desirable places for young people to live in Connecticut, if not the whole entire north east. Think about it. You’re right on the water, Webster Bank Arena, right off 95, major train station, the ferry, all of this. They now threw in that new massive Bass Pro Shops, Starbucks, and Chipotle. The next step needs to be a few modern residential buildings with amenities that attract young people. A few cool craft beer bars and some fun restaurants by the water with rooftops patios and Bridgeport is well on it’s way.

I realize that this all sounds very SoDoSoPa. If you’re a South Park fan you’re now shaking your head and laughing hysterically. If you’re not a South Park fan please watch this before continuing to read anything anything else I’ve written…



I have a theory that the beginning of the revitalization of any city starts with two things. 1) Starbucks 2) An Apple Store. The good news? Bridgeport already has number one.

Bridgeport absolutely CANNOT screw up this Steelpointe Harobr project. It’s the one thing that matters more than anything else.  It will solve so many other issue in the city. Including the notoriously horrid crime rate. The future of Bridgeport and even the state depends on it.

Good luck, Ganim. We’re all counting on you.


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