No matter what kind of animal(s) you have as pets at home, there is no denying that puppies are the world’s most adorable creature.

The way they bound around, uncoordinated, floppy, but never anything short of ecstatic. The way they will always chase that tennis ball, even if they’re on the verge of exhaustion. And, of course, the way they love so unconditionally. Basically, dogs are the perfect companion.

And that’s why it’s so important to know how to get your dog fix. If you don’t have one at home to cure those puppy cravings, Connecticut thankfully has plenty of places you can find dogs out and about, and The Hartford Courant put together a map to help you locate them by most dogs per capita.

This map basically doubles as a map of most happiness per person in the state. So kudos to Bridgewater, you have the most dogs per capita and therefore are probably happier than any of Connecticut’s other towns. We’re all jealous. Well, at least until we get home to our own pups.

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