Your toilet gross?  Can’t remember the last time you mopped your floors?  Hate cleaning? How about a sexy model comes and cleans your house for you?  Oh, you think that sounds creepy? Well, right.  Kind of.

When I originally heard that there was a company just launched in Connecticut that hired models to dress in costume to clean your house, I was confused.  Is this an escort service? If not, is it a novelty?  Because I’ll be honest, as a woman I don’t give a crap what you’re wearing, but if I’m paying you to clean my house, you better get out the Soft Scrub.

So far, has 11 models/housecleaners on their roster to service Connecticut according to the “Meet the Maids” section of their site.  For the rate of about $79 dollars an hour, the cleaner will come to your home dressed as a cheerleader, french maid, superwoman, school girl, or “special request” (insert something perverted here) and clean.  According to their site they are legit and do everything from change bed linens to empty the trash.  As a member of the Bristol Chamber of Commerce, they are a certifiably, reputable company.

But I’m confused, when my cleaning company comes, I’m not home.  I want to get out of their way and walk in to a magically clean smelling home (that I paid for by check left on my kitchen table).  Do people just lurk and stare at these 20-something year-old women and whisper “You missed a spot?” when they are elbow deep in your tub scum?

And why are they all attractive young women?  You know what my fantasy is? Do have a middle-aged man that resembles by husband that can show up NOT wearing a Giants jersey and wash some damn dishes?  Can you make that happen for $79 an hour?

I can’t figure out if this idea is brilliant, or just asking for problems.  Either way, if you show up to my house in a school girl costume, get ready to get dirty… by washing my kitchen sink.

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