Bruins play-by-play announcer Jack Edwards is notorious for making some ridiculous, memorable, and at times straight up silly calls.

Tuesday night was one for the books. There’s a chance Jack has been cooking this one up since the day The Whalers were ripped away from Hartford in 1997.

With the Fake Whaler Hurricanes sporting their green and white Whalers jerseys tonight in Boston this is how the game ended in OT.

“The Bruins come from 2 down. Fend off Carolina, and strip the whale of its blubber! Burn ’em!”

Now while the beginning of this cringeworthy call is douche chill inducing and terrible, the ending couldn’t be more perfect for salty pissed off Whalers fans here in Connecticut. Two words that speak to the hate for all things Carolina Hurricane and these phony “tribute” nights they insist on doing.

Burn ’em, indeed.

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