With Harvey and Irma successfully dodged, the East Coast still has one more hurricane to worry about.  And his name is Jose.

In before someone says Trump won’t let him into the States.  Har har.

Anyways, Norwalk Daily Voice says Jose is still meandering around the Atlantic.  So, he still has time to grow into a big bad storm like his sister, Irma.  As of now, he’s a Category 2 hurricane and will maintain his status for the remainder of the week.  It’s all thanks to all that warm water he’s currently spinning over.

Forecasters do predict he’ll lose steam.  But, it’s still to early to tell how strong and where exactly he’ll go.  As of now, the weather people believe he is a viable threat to the East Coast.  All eyes are on a large area of high pressure which could coax him onto a path along the shoreline.

And, should that happen, no one’s sure how the remnants of Irma will affect him.  AccuWeather Hurricane Expert Dan Kottlowski gave more insight as to what’s to come over the next  couple of days:

“The storm will remain over warm water for the next several days, and this should allow it to maintain a robust circulation.  Jose is expected to remain between Bermuda and Hispaniola for the next several days but then eventually move westward late this week and then more northward this weekend.”

Forecasters should have a better picture by the weekend.

As for what Irma will do to us, she’ll bless us with a sprinkle of rain here and there between tomorrow and Thursday.

So, do you think Jose will hit us or will he be a non-event hurricane?


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