Don’t be the guy who drinks and drives on Super Bowl Sunday.  Well, that goes for every day, but  State Police say they will be out in full force this weekend.

Newtown Daily Voice reports that police will roll out an aggressive enforcement campaign that’ll crack down on distracted and/or impaired drivers.

So you’ll see more troopers patrolling the highways and enforcing Connecticut’s driving laws.  That’s because many see Super Bowl Sunday as an all-day party.

That’s because many see Super Bowl Sunday as an all-day party.Then again, it’s the biggest sporting event of the year.  So people tend to go a little buckwild.  And, considering Connecticut doesn’t have any teams of its own, there’s lots of Patriots fans that live here.

Because of that, State Police say that’ll make Connecticut’s roads extra dangerous on Sunday.  Then again, the Super Bowl is an unofficial holiday.

So is Monday if you think about it.  There’s a reason why we call it “Super Sick Monday.”

Even though kickoff doesn’t start until 6:30pm, State Police say there’s plenty to watch out for on the roads leading up to the big game.   They encourage motorists to wear their seat belts and to turn off all distractions.

In addition, drivers should always obey all posted speed limits and use their turn signals.

Most importantly, motorists should keep their wits about them and stay alert, such as keeping an eye on the cars around them.

State Police say there’s no shame in admitting you’re too drunk to drive, either.  Call an Uber, taxi, or have a friend drive you home.

They say it’s infinitely more shameful if you climb behind the wheel and hurt someone.

So, above all else, be smart on Sunday.

Last year, police arrested 10 drivers for DUI.  They also issued 214 speeding tickets and 518 moving violations (such as tailgating and distracted driving.)

Keep those numbers low, everyone.  Sure, enjoy the Super Bowl.  Just don’t be an idiot about it because police WILL pull you over.

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