There’s really no reason to be getting $100 bills back from a cashier, but if you are, be warned: At least two stores in Connecticut were recently duped by fake $100 bills.

That’s according to a NBC Connecticut report, which stated that Willimantic police are warning businesses that very high-quality counterfeit $100 bills are being used in the area. The cash is so good, the report said, that is passed all the typical tests a store might run to detect fake money and was only caught during a cash count using a counting machine.

First of all, that’s crazy. Whenever I pause to look at the cash in my wallet, it is always because the bills nowadays are so damn elaborate! There’s holograms and watermarks and all kinds of weird details I’m sure I don’t even notice. So how in the world is someone out there printing convincing knock-offs? It just seems the kind of thing that takes so much time! Imagine if this criminal put that time toward something else. They’d probably be Bill Gates by now.

Second of all, if I’m business in that area, I’m just not accepting $100 bills anymore. Frankly, they shouldn’t even really be in circulation. They’re not even useful! Like, any time you go to a restaurant or a store and try to spend your $100 bill, you’re going to get an eye roll. It’s just a fact. Everyone who sees you try to use either thinks your trying to show off or thinks that you’re an ass for forcing the cashier to pay all the small bills out of the register.

So if there’s any lesson we should take away here, it’s that America ought to limit its cash to just the $1, $5, $10, $20, and maybe $50 bills. That would solve everyone’s problem.

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