Fresh of his 4th straight, and 11th overall, championship rumors are swirling that Geno Auriemma might exit UCONN and head to the NBA. And by rumors I mean this article who sources someone with “knowledge of Auriemma’s thinking”. Solid journalism there folks.

The article goes on to say how Geno may or may not be bale to transition into the NBA and really is just a bunch of speculation. All for the page views. It is nothing new though, just look and Dan Shaughnessy. He wrote a piece about how the UCONN ladies are hurting the game. Never mind the truckload of facts to the contrary, he just wanted to rile up the masses.

No matter what happens Geno has earned the right to do whatever he wants to. And if people think the team is too good there is a simple answer. Get better.

Via Sporting News

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