Foxwoods is more than just a casino as of earlier this month. It is a concert venue, shopping mecca and now…an amusement park?

As of this month, Foxwoods launched – pun intended – two new thrill rides that are guaranteed to get your adrenaline pumping. The Sky Launch and the Sky Drop are perfect for anyone looking for a break from the blackjack table.

Foxwoods’ website calls the Sky Launch a “human catapult.” Two riders, sitting back-to-back, are rocketed about 10 stories into the air and brought back down to Earth within seconds.

The Sky Drop is no child’s play either. The ride propels four passengers 120 feet and stays at the top anywhere from three to 12 seconds before dropping the riders back to the ground.

According to Foxwoods’ CEO Felix Rappaport in an interview with the Hartford Courant, the new rides are an attempt to bring awareness to the beautiful views of the Mashantucket Pequot reservation on which the casino sits.

However, the plans for expansion do not stop there. Rappaport also revealed plans for a HighFlyer Zipline that will be 330 feet in the air and 3,700 feet long. Riders can expect to reach speeds of 60 miles per hour on the ride.

If anyone has the guts to try these rides, it will cost the riders $25 for the Sky Launch, $15 for the Sky Drop and $35 if they want to ride both. For information about the rides visit

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