It’s like someone knew exactly how to make us fantasy lovers seriously consider a gym membership.  Imagine with me.  You, wearing a mermaid tail, and splashing around in a pool.  Sounds like a blast, right?

Because that’s exactly how I’d want to spend my time crying while burning calories.

No, seriously.  I hate running and lifting weights.  My fitbit gets more exercise than I do.  It’s a serious problem that I have no desire to rectify.

But, that might all change now because of my childish love of mermaids.  I draw them all the time, dream about them… but, I’d never want to be one.  I love eating buffalo chicken too much and soggy drumsticks just doesn’t do it for me.  Plus, I’d miss the Internet too much.

Yet, still I dream.  If I could temporarily become one to see what it’s like… that’s more my speed.

So, if someone offered me the opportunity to put on a latex mermaid costume for a cool new workout… I’m game.  I’m so game.  Because that’s the next best thing.

And I don’t care if it means pretending that it’s core-day every day at the local gym.  Or that I have to do a thousand years of Pilates in one swimming pool to swim like Ariel.

Okay, maybe I’d swim like a drunken manatee, but my powers of denial never let me down before.

So, here’s the workout.  It’s run by AquaMermaid School.  Obviously, it involves a pool, bathing suits, a bunch of mermaid costumes, and a healthy level of escapism.

The only requirement to get in on this?  You just gotta be able to swim 25 feet by yourself.


Then you and your lovely workout buddies get to frolic in a judgement-free zone to finally develop those shoulders and abs of a true mermaid goddess.

Anyways, here’s the video.  Try not to shed too many tears of joy.  There’s hope for us out-of-shape weirdos, yet!

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