If you’ve ever had childhood dreams of turning into a dragon and breathing fire upon your enemies (or, you still have those dreams… we aren’t judging,) then what a time to be alive.

A new dessert craze has broken loose in California and it makes whoever eating it look like they’re breathing smoke!  It’s called Dragon’s Breath and it’s currently being served at Chocolate Chair in Los Angeles.

Someone get in touch with the Connecticut Science Center because I know they make fun cocktails with dry ice at the Liquid Lounge.  Also, I bet they’d roll in the dough because, hey, someone just found a way to make eating look cool.

Plus, it’s one heck of a nifty way to make kids spring for a fruity dessert instead of chocolate.

Are there any places in Connecticut that serve weird and fun desserts like this?  Tell us because we’d seriously like to try them ALL.


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