Maybe taxes are so high in Bridgeport because City Councilman Richard DeJesus doesn’t pay his taxes.

Companies operated by the Democratic-endorsed candidate for the February 24 State Senate special election owe roughly $140,000 in personal property taxes and interest dating back to 2003, according to a review of city tax records and bills. In a unique spin on his deadbeat status, DeJesus says owing back taxes is actually a credential for seeking office. Hmm.

DeJesus is listed as manager of Genesis Motorworks, LLC, 946 Noble Avenue that owes $47,831 in personal property taxes dating back to 2006. He’s also listed as president of East Coast Auto Parts, 14 River Street that owes $91,602 in personal property taxes and interest going back to 2003.

A review of city tax bills shows no recent payment to address the back taxes.

In addition to back tax issues, the State Elections Enforcement Commission is investigating DeJesus for alleged violations of election law regarding his multiple voting addresses throughout the years.

DeJesus tried to spin his deadbeat status into a positive

“This is why I want to go to the Senate,” DeJesus said. “I feel they need someone like me that can bring this issue a new perspective. I’m a big proponent on tax reform. “

Or maybe Richard DeJesus can go to Hartford to pass stronger laws to collect from tax deadbeats like himself.

Connecticut’s 23rd State Senate District covers about two thirds of Bridgeport and a portion of Stratford. A vacancy occurred when Governor Malloy appointed Andres Ayala the commissioner of the state Department of Motor Vehicles.

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