Weston lost its crown and its good-standing.  Yeah, weird to think that the place which sat atop the list for years fell so hard this year.  Turns out, Weston isn’t even in the top 3 safest towns in Connecticut anymore.

If you want to live in the safest place in the state, you’ll wanna move to Easton.

Yep!  Niche.com proclaimed Easton the best place to live in CT for those concerned about safety.   It compared FBI and crime statistic data to compile their latest list.  It scored an A in crime in safety.  But, it also scored an “A+” in education, which pushed it over the top.

As for the 2nd safest place to live in CT, that honor goes to Madison, which is also right along the shoreline.  First time a non-Fairfield County place reached such a high honor, too.

Actually, Madison seems almost comparable to Easton!  It’s school system also earned an “A+” rating from Niche, but its overall Niche score was an “A+,” too.  Whereas Easton’s score only reached “A” status.

But, population may have had something to do with it.  While Easton touts a population of just over 7,000 residents, Madison has over 18,000 people.

Either way, both places seem like great places to live if crime happens to be a major concern of yours.

This year, Bethel ranked 3rd overall, with an “A” in crime + safety, but an “A-” in public schools.   However, the website called the citizens “an acquired taste.”  Whatever that means.  Never been to Bethel so I really can’t comment on the personality of this small town.

As for the rest of the list, Weston fell to 4th place this year because it only earned an “A” in crime and safety.  As for its public schools and overall grade, Weston earned top marks.

Ridgefield, another strong contender for “safest place” in Connecticut also fell hard this year.  This town habitually haunts the top three, but due to a recent rise in car break-ins, its score also suffered.

Its crime score also fell to an “A” this year, but scored top marks in every other  category.

As for the rest of the list?

Canton, Wilton, New Canaan, Granby, and Redding rounded out the top 10.  Again, towns that normally took up the top 5 took a hard blow this year due to car break-ins.

Which, I bet, their respective politicians aren’t so happy about because that means they lost major bragging rights.

And it’s all because thieves found out the people never lock their cars, so they’ve been helping themselves every night.    Due to this, Darien fell the hardest this year.  It’s now in 17th place.    Their crime and safety score fell two points to an “A-” this year.

And, they now have a reputation for being “easy pickings” to thieves all over the states.

That aside, congratulations to Easton for being this year’s top place to live in the state.   It was also voted the best place for families.  In addition, Niche highlighted their nightlife and diversity.

It suffered a “C” in housing because homes there are dang expensive.  So, there’s that.

Madison scored a “B” in that department, if you were curious.  But, their nightlife definitely can’t compare with Easton’s.

So, pick and choose your battles and find out what’s most important to you if you’re looking at moving somewhere new.   What’s the most important thing to you when you go house hunting?

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