Move over vinyl – cassette players are making a big comeback. According to Billboard, cassette sales have risen 74 percent in 2016, selling nearly 129,000 units, versus 2015’s 74,000.  And that number is quickly fast-forwarding.

Urban Outfitters now stocks cassette players and albums, with recent releases such as Nate Russ’ Grand Romantic and re-releases of classic such as Prince’s Purple Rain.

Other vendors, such as Walmart and Amazon, have begun to stock tape players, and artists, such as the Weeknd and Justin Bieber made recent albums available on limited edition cassettes.

In the age of digital streaming and downloading, it is easier (and cheaper) to get your hands on any tune that you want within seconds. All you have to do is go to the app on your smartphone, select the song that you want, and then you’ll be good to go. So, why would we rewind back to tapes? After all, CDs are now pretty much obsolete.

Despite the advances in technology, cassettes and vinyl have their own benefits – one of them being the analog sound that you just can’t get with digital tracks. In addition, cassettes offer you a chance to collect tangible music complete with album artwork and liners instead of collecting musical downloads on your iPhone.

However, what makes cassettes different from vinyl is its affordability. A tape player can cost anywhere between $12 on the low end to $38, and depending on where you get your cassettes, it can cost anywhere from $3 -$15. Vinyl, on the other hand, is bit more expensive. Depending on where you get them, record players can cost anywhere from $49 – $100, and the records themselves cost between $20-35 at Urban Outfitters. With cassettes, you get that same sound as vinyl without the vinyl price tag.

I guess it’s time to dig up your old Sony Walkman, and head over to one of the three Connecticut Urban Outfitters locations to press play.


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