Pretty soon a lottery ticket worth $1 million will only be worth the paper it’s printed on.

Someone in Fairfield County will lose out of the jackpot if don’t claim their winning lottery ticket by June 2nd.  Officials have no idea where the ticket was sold – so start dreaming lotto players!

CT Post says the winning ticket was purchased on December 5th and the winning numbers were: 13 – 27 – 33 – 47 – 68.  The Powerball number was 13.

Tear apart your house and your car… anywhere you may have been on that day because you may have secretly been a millionaire this whole time!  If anything, it gives you a good excuse to get started on that spring cleaning.

So, if you happen to find one dated December 5th and you’re unsure if you’re holding the proverbial golden ticket in your shaky hands, there are several ways to check those numbers.  You can download the official CT Lottery app, scan your numbers at a nearby retailer or Ticket Checker, or plug them into the CT Lottery website.

Happy hunting!


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