I love the idea that someone amongst us won money.  I just hate the idea that it’s not me.    Either way, someone won a tremendous prize from the Powerball on Wednesday and still need to claim their prize.

Darien Daily Voice didn’t reveal exactly where the winning ticket came from.  But, they did offer Wednesday night’s winning numbers.  So, if your ticket matches four of these numbers, you won!

2 18 37 39 42 with a Powerball of 12.  There’s also a multiplier of 3.

Personally, I bet the winner fell asleep on Wednesday and woke up to snowmageddon the following morning.  Winning money was probably the last thing on their mind.  So, here’s to an awesome Friday epiphany, mysterious Powerball winner!

That aside, this latest Powerball drawing was very good to CT residents.  47,475 of us won something from Powerball on Wednesday.  35 people woke up on Thursday $300 richer, 71 people won $100, and the rest won between $4 and $21.

Hey, free money is good money no matter how you won it.  Personally, I do a little dance when I spot a nickle on the ground.

So, if you need incentive to pick up a ticket on your way home after work… because no one won the jackpot, it’s now worth $550 million.  If you’re the sole person to draw the winning numbers, that means a cash payout of $347.9 million.

Just grab your tickets before 10:59 p.m. on Saturday.


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