Cats and dogs have a storied history, and it is not a pretty one.

There is the now well-known history of their interspecies feud. There is the begrudging co-existence we all saw in the TV series CatDog, which I’m fairly confident is based on a true story. And, of course, there is the 2001 documentary “Cats & Dogs” that details the intricate level of espionage each side conducts in the ongoing war.

But here in Connecticut, at a wildlife conservation in Greenwich, we may be witnessing the first signs of a tentative peace treaty.

At the LEO Zoological Conservation Center, Adaeze, a cheetah, and Odie, an Australian Shepherd, are best friends, according to a report from Fox 5 in New York.

The two met when Adaeze was just seven weeks old, according to the report, and since then they have napped, played, and explored the 100-acre conservation center together.

It’s a promising sign for what has always been a tense relationship between cats and dogs. If one of the top predators from the cat family can make peace with a dog, why couldn’t a house cat?

Only time will tell if the two sides make a formal treaty out of this burgeoning friendship, but at the very least, we can take this as a start toward peace in our time.

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