Run, doc, run!  Dr. William Petit, the sole survivor of the horrific 2007 Cheshire Home Invasion, might replace disgraced Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty.  Since word came out that he’s considering a run, the response was immediate.

Do it.

Hartford Courant reports that Dr. Petit, who represents Plainville as a State Rep, confirmed he’s considering joining the race.

Congresswoman Esty’s seat represents Danbury to New Britain.  It also remains largely ambivalent to supporting one political party over another.   Already, the general consensus believes he’ll easily win.

The public tends to view him as a figure of authority and generally respect his opinions.

During the nomination of Andrew McDonald for Chief Justice, Petit criticized the measure. He used the state’s overturning of the death penalty to explain why someone else deserved the nomination.

McDonald, an outspoken critic of the death penalty, still voted on abolishing it. Petit claims he should have recused himself due to his personal feelings.

When overturning the death penalty, McDonald said the ruling wouldn’t apply to those on death row.  But, later, he reneged on his promise in 2015.  He sided with the majority who voted 4-3 to commute the sentences of all death row inmates.

Including the men who murdered Petit’s family.

When testifying on McDonald’s nomination, Petit famously said:

“Given what I feel is this bias, I am concerned about confirming a justice who has appeared to want to push a personal agenda and not directly interpret our laws.”

McDonald’s bid eventually failed 19-16 in the Senate.

Now, he faces a new challenge.   Replacing Elizabeth Esty.

Esty confirmed she will not seek re-election on Monday.  Her reputation tanked after news broke that she protected an abusive member of her staff.   Apparently, numerous complains were made against her former Chief of Staff, Tony Baker.

He remained on the job for three months following reports of his abuse.

Reports say Baker repeatedly screamed at Senior Aide Anna Kain in public.  Later, he allegedly punched her in the back.

Kain even brought evidence to Esty’s attention, including a voicemail where Baker threatened to kill her.  After hearing the voicemail, Esty waited two full months to launch an in-house investigation.

However, she claims she immediately confronted Baker.  But, instead of suspending him, she told him to seek alcohol and addiction help.  Later, she lined up a job for him at Sandy Hook Promise.  But, not before leaving him a $5,000 severance package.


Sure, the timeline is way more warped than this.  So, please follow this Vox link HERE to learn more about why this is a major issue.

Esty herself was a major advocate for the #MeToo movement.  That I find an even harder pill to swallow.

She habitually praised victims who called out their abusers and called for action.  But, when it happened on her turf, she turned a blind eye.  In fact, she protected him.

Hypocrite much?

So, yeah, makes sense why Esty confirmed that she won’t seek re-election.  But many say that’s not enough.  They want her to resign considering the extent of her cover up.

Oh well, guess we’ll just have to wait for the other shoe to drop because we know it’s coming.

So, do you think Petit will win her seat?  Or is there someone else you would vote for?  Or, do you think Elizabeth Esty is a martyr?

Let me know in the comments below.

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