For people who don’t know me, I am Klonk. Radio DJ, writer and lover of all things Chris Cornell; as a matter of fact I think that actual statement is in my bio for CT Boom. Chris Cornell and Soundgarden was a staple in my upbringing. I literally loved him; not like how most girls love rock stars. It wasn’t sexual appeal I loved (But…he was really hot) or the fact he was a lead singer of a band. It was HIM. It was the way he made me feel with every single song he sung. It was the meaning behind his words and his lyric phrasing. It was the fact that when I heard him sing “Looking California, and feeling Minnesota” , I understood exactly what he was talking about. There are only a few singers and song writers that could make you feel exactly what they were feeling in the moment. For me Kurt Cobain was one….and Chris was the other.  His voice penetrated your soul. When he was sad…you were sad…when he was happy….you were happy…when he was in love….you were in love.  It was the first time I ever felt the music.

I first heard Soundgarden when I was a 13 years old ; I didn’t go by Klonk back then. I went by Suzanne or Suzanna. I was dealing with the issues all 13 year olds deal with. I was discovering who I was and what I loved. I remember being introduced to the band Soundgarden. I was given  a mix tape copy of the album Badmotorfinger (By this point it was a couple years old). Would hide in my bedroom listening to this tape over and over again on my Sony Walkman (I’m totally aging myself aren’t I) trying to escape the world around me. First track I heard….Rusty Cage: What a great song to kick start that album!!

There were so many big songs on that album. But, the one that really got me hooked had to be Slaves and Bulldozers: Track 3. The Bass is so loud and dirty with the screeching guitar. Not to mention his signature yell. “NOW I KNOW WHY YOU BEEN SHAKING”



I was also an avid fan of his solo work.  Euphoria Morning is in my opinion a musical masterpiece. Much different than anything we had heard from Soundgarden.  This album was much sadder and softer than what you were used to hearing from him. One song in particular I loved. When I’m Down.



I also love his very first single from the solo album: You Can’t Change Me.



There are so many songs that I love…it’s hard just to pick a few.  I just feel lucky that I had the opportunity to see him preform live with Soundgarden, Audioslave and Solo.

Even got to meet him once, and that alone was magical.

It’s the worst feeling in the world when idols die. You feel like a part of you is gone too. No matter the circumstances regarding his death. His life and his music had meaning to many; whether you were a Soundgarden fan, Audioslave or Chris Cornell solo fan. You can’t deny that iconic voice.


Rest easy Chris…Say Hello to Heaven for me.

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