The Voice has started up again and Christina Aguilera is back in her judge’s seat. She was on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night and played a little game of “Wheel of Musical Impressions”. Christina has a great voice so of course this was gonna be a cool bit, but I didn’t expect it to be THIS awesome.

She did an impression of Britney Spears singing that was SO spot on, it was probably better than Britney Spears herself. They’ve known each other since they were both “mouseketeers” in the Mickey Mouse Club and then they had that big pop rivalry in the 90’s. That being said, it’s evident they’ve been around each other’s talent for awhile.

If you want to see the Britney impression, skip ahead to the 2 minute mark. Even Jimmy Fallon and the audience were in awe.

Top Image: PR Photos

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