Let’s get dirrty. Christina Aguilera — nicknamed Xtina — released her first solo single in six years.

Accelerate feat. Ty. Dolla and 2 Chainz is her first single off of her upcoming eighth album, Liberation. The song has a more of laid-back RnB feel, and is pretty catchy. The song shows off Xtina’s signature vocals, which is something you look for in a Christina Aguilera song.

After listening to this song, I must pose the question. Is the dirrty Xtina back?

She very well might be. According to an article in Billboard entitled Christina Aguilera On ‘Longing for Freedom & Her Hip-Hop-Inspired Return To Music, Aguilera compares her image to 2002, around the time where she shed her “bubble gum” pop star image for “beats, chaps and bikini tops.”

In the article, Aguilera commented that she felt “super label-driven and confined being commercially successful.” She then goes onto say that “as great as it looks on the outside, I’m such a truth girl that if I’m not happy with something, I just can’t do it anymore.”

However, this time stripping her image is a little different.  Instead of her signature bold hairstyles and makeup, the article says that this time she’s opting for a simple bun and a more natural makeup choice.

Furthermore, Accelerate is just the beginning of her reintroduction to the Hip-Hop scene. It is scheduled to be released on June 15, 2018.

Now, this is the first album that Xtina has released in six years to take a hiatus. But despite this, she still managed to stay busy. She collaborated on a few hits include A Great Big World’s Say Something, and Pitbull’s Feel This Moment. Furthermore, she also made a few television appearances including serving as a judge on the NBC show The Voice and a recurring role on ABC’s Nashville. Additionally, she also gave a powerful tribute to Whitney Houston at the 2017 American Music Awards. In this performance, she sang I’m Every Woman, Run To You and I Have Nothing.

Her new album, though promises to be about “freedom.” And, it promises to collaborate with some big names, Anderson Paak, Kayne West, Che Pope, Mike Dean and Tayla Parx. Additionally, the track list has a few duets on it as well. One of them is a duet with Demi Lovato in a song called Fall In Line.

I’m not going to lie, I’m excited for that song alone. However, with that being said, I’m pretty stoked to hear some new music from the Pop Princess. After all, it’s been a while.

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