Christmas came early for all of you JoJo fans out there. At long last, you can now stream her first two albums, as well as singles Demonstrate and Disaster on Spotify, as well as purchase them on iTunes.

In honor of the singer’s 28th birthday, she rereleased her first two albums — JoJo (2004) and The High Road (2006).

However, these are not the original versions — JoJo went back and recorded each and every one of them. This of course includes the classic Leave (Get Out) that put the singer on the map. And, these versions are amazing if I do say so myself.

The reason being why the two albums on streaming sites in the first place comes from battles with JoJo’s previous label, Blackground Records. According to an article on International Business Times entitled Listen: JoJo Rerecords Debut Album, Releases Snippets Of Updated Tracks For Birthday, the label took down her albums back in 2016. However, the singer has been battling with her previous label for years. This left her unable to put out new music, which put a ten-year gap from The High Road and her 2016 release, Mad Love.

Despite the challenges, JoJo managed to find ways around it — similar to how she rerecorded these classics for release. She released two mixtapes and some EPs during that ten-year period of time. She then signed with Interscope, and has released long-awaited album Mad Love.

However, the singer’s gifts didn’t stop with these rereleases. The singer also announced that in 2019 she will be releasing new music.


So, while you’re waiting for some new JoJo, check out the new releases. Trust me, you’ll be taken back to the days where you blasted it on your pink iPod Nano on the school bus home from middle school. However, these verisons have a more mature touch then the previous — something that I absolutely love about them.


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