The holiday season is meant to be one of the happiest times of year. Adults get time off from work. Children get piles of presents. Many of us get to stuff ourselves full of good food and hide our swollen bellies with ugly sweaters. It’s a blast.

But in Watertown, Connecticut, that typical holiday cheer is a little harder to come by after dozens of presents were stolen from a local church. According to WWLP, the First Congregational Church in Watertown was collecting toys for children in need, but last week all of the toys they had collected so far were stolen.

I don’t normally believe in magic, especially the kind where fictional characters come to life, but the only explanation for this crime is that the Grinch is literally walking among us. I mean, if you’re going to steal stuff around the holidays (and you shouldn’t), there are so many people you can steal from that aren’t needy children. And honestly, those people probably have better stuff to take (again, please don’t steal)!

Whoever pulled this stunt either really needed some toys in a hurry or just loves committing crimes that earn him or her the hatred of every reasonable person on Earth.

If this story has you feeling a little bitter, don’t worry: According to the report, after news of the theft broke, two monetary donations already came in to the church to help them replace the gifts. Happy Holidays are here again!

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