With the Summer Blockbuster season in our rearview mirror, we are ready to speed through fall on our way to Award Show season. Normally, the post-summer, pre-award show season is a box office wasteland, there are quite a few sure-fire crowd pleasers coming our way.

From action, to comedy, to period drama, to kids movies, there is a little something for everyone coming out over the next few months. Oh, and there’s something called The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part I on the schedule. It stars some girl named… Jennifer Lawrence? I haven’t heard of her, but I’m sure she’s great.

I’ve broken down the list into three easy categories: Don’t Miss for the movies that are virtually guaranteed hits, Wild Cards for movies that look like they have the potential to be really good, and Also Playing for several other options to check out in each respective month.  Here we go!



Don’t Miss…  This is Where I Leave You

Sure to garner some award show buzz, This is Where I Leave You is the story of four combative siblings forced to reunite in the wake of their father’s death. I promise it will be funnier and more light-hearted than it sounds. Starring an ensemble cast of prestige television darlings (Jason Bateman- Arrested Development, Tina Fey- 30 Rock, Cory Stoll- House of Cards, Connie Britton- Friday Night Lights, Rose Byrne- Damages, Adam Driver- Girls), This is Where I Leave You will wind up being the movie you tell all of your friends to go see. Think Garden State meets The Big Chill.


Wildcard… The Maze Runner


Also Playing… A Walk Amongst the Tombstones, Tusk, The Boxtrolls, The Equilizer



Don’t Miss… Fury

Fury is an action movie set against the backdrop of the final weeks of the World War II. As the Allied Powers make a final push in Europe, a five-man crew of a Sherman tank are charged with taking on a (very probable) suicide mission behind enemy lines in Nazi Germany. Fury stars Brad Pitt, Shia Labeouf, Michael Pena, and Jon Bernthal. This can’t miss.


Wildcard… Gone Girl


Also Playing… St. Vincent, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, The Judge



Don’t Miss… The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part I/ Dumb and Dumber To



Hard to pick a clear cut “Don’t Miss” here. In one corner you’ve got Jennifer Lawrence as a PTSD ridden Katniss Everdeen leading a rebellion in the penultimate Hunger Games movie and in the other corner you’ve got the sequel comedy fans have been clamoring for for nearly 20 years. You already know you’re going to see both!


Wildcard… Interstellar


Also Playing… Big Hero 6, Horrible Bosses 2, The Penguins of Madagascar

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