With the box office heating up, we’ve got two huge movies hitting the big screen this weekend.  Since vacating the Governor’s mansion in sunny California, Arnold Schwarzenegger has returned to Hollywood to blow stuff up, but is still looking for his first post-politics hit.

On the other side of the ring, we’ve got the first of two biblical epics that will be coming out this year with Noah.  Noah stars Russell Crowe, Anthony Hopkins, and Emma Watson and was directed by indie film superhero Darren Aronofsky.  Aronofsky who is no stranger to directing hits (The Wrestler, Black Swan) dropped out of directing The Wolverine in favor of working on Noah… but will it pan out?


Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 10.06.02 PM

What it’s about:  Members of an elite DEA task force find themselves being taken down one by one after they bust into a drug cartel safe house.

You should see it if:  You want to see Arnold at his best and some serious character actors SCHMACTING up a storm.  This movie is going to be loud, explosiony, turn your brain off and yell YA DUDE fun.

Check it out for yourself:


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What it’s about:  The biblical Noah sees visions of an apocalyptic deluge and takes measures to protect his family from the coming flood by building an ark.

You should see it if:  You think that the Old Testament is the new Young Adult Fiction trend.  I mean, Darren Aronofsky directed it and Hannibal Lector is in it.  It has to be awesome, right?  I didn’t realize that Noah was like a warrior priest so that is an interesting wrinkle.  Maybe the is the sequel to Gladiator we’ve all been waiting for.

Check it out for yourself:




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