Opinion monsters are raging inside me.  Two arguments are battling in my gut, and I’m not sure which one I want to win.  A new chapter in the King Kong legacy debuts this weekend.

I want it to be good – because who actively cheers for movies to be bad – but Hollywood has let me down with big budget reboots and retellings.  Here are the two ways I am looking at this week’s challenger to the Box Office Heavyweight strap.

KONG: Skull Island

Argument #1: The Jaded Movie Advisor

Brie Larson. Tom Hiddleston. Samuel L. Jackson. John Goodman. Corey Hawkins. John C. Reilly. That is an awful lot of star power, and no one is wearing a cape, battling Thanos, or plotting to rob a casino. The trailer looks amazing, the cast is brilliant, and the release date is the kick-off to Blockbuster Season, so I’m nearly positive this will suck. It’s too good to be true.

A movie with a cast this strong, that looks like a cross between Battle for the Planet of the Apes and Apocalypse Now, with special effects this good, stands a 0.0% chance of living up to the hype. Warner Brothers studio is pushing all of their chips into the middle of the table with this potential franchise starter, which means the script probably got rewritten into oblivion.

Argument #2: The Movie Optimist Hype Man

Brie Larson is just over a year removed from winning Best Actress for Room.  Tom Hiddleston is on the precipice of being the next biggest movie star.  Sam Jackson, John Goodman, and John C. Reilly are three of the surest hands working in films today.  Corey Hawkins is having a banner start to his career.  Adding in some of the most beautiful special effects audiences will see this year and the amount of weight Warner Brothers is throwing behind this possible start to a franchise, and I’m nearly positive this will be the most fun you can have at the movies this week.

See what I mean?  I could go either way with this argument, and I don’t think I am alone here.  I also don’t think I am alone in that despite not choosing a side, I’ll slapping $15 on the counter for a ticket; I will see this movie ASAP.

Where do you fall on the Kong: Skull Island excitement scale?

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