Clerk in Critical Condition Trying to Protect David Hasselhoff Sign

Clerk in Critical Condition Trying to Protect David Hasselhoff Sign
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Police are on the hunt for a black SUV with two white guys and one white girl who fled a crime after stealing a David Hasselhoff sign.  Everything about this story is reminiscence of my college days and should be funny, except the scenario is much more serious and sad.  The SUV carrying the people were trying to steal two signs that were posted outside a Cumberland Farms in Shelton.  Even though I’m an adult, I see the humor in a David Hasselhoff sign that has him wearing a tank top and bracelets that were cool in 1984.  To be honest, it sounds exactly like something I would have wanted mounted on my wall in college too.

So, people stealing a Hasselhoff sign? What’s the big deal?  The clerk of the store tried to stop the thieves- The 36-year-old raced after them and was hit by their car.  He was knocked upside down and is in critical condition.  If I had to bet money, it was an accident for the clerk to be struck but that doesn’t make it any better.  He is currently at Bridgeport Hospital.

Hence, the search for the black SUV.

Whether or not the driver of the SUV knew he hit him or not remains a mystery.  Police will review the surveillance cameras and hope that will help find the people in the truck.  This story genuinely makes me sad.  My sorority townhouse had a full fledged Dollar Menu, welcome rugs from Dunkin’ Donuts, highway signs and a variety of things that miraculously appeared on our doorstep through the years. (Seriously, how did they just show up on our doorstep?)  It was fun and harmless and it hurts my heart that these three people will have to live with the knowledge that they committed this crime.  It’s even sadder that this clerk thought he was just thwarting a stupid sign thief and he’s lying in a hospital bed.  Certainly a no win situation here.

Augh.  This story sucks.



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