Wow, Cleverbot, thanks for the reminder.  So, if you don’t know what Cleverbot is, she’s an AI unit where you can fabricate a conversation.  The more people she speaks to, the more “life-like” she becomes.  Or something.

Because she’s been around since 1997 and I can still tell I’m talking to a robot.

And one Reddit user named Rifferella found out the hard way that Cleverbot is… well… not all that clever.  Since she had trouble remembering which continent Connecticut is in.

But, she did remember something about us after some prodding.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t something we necessarily like to mention.

Here, check it out:



Considering my conversations with Cleverbot tend to walk on the wild side because I love confusing her so much, this one seems just so sad.  And pathetic.

Anyways, if you want to see if this AI learned her lesson about Connecticut, give her a ring right HERE.

Also, for the sake of “research” I decided to do some investigating for myself.  So, I asked her for a quote.

It did not go well.  It took a lot of prodding but, finally, I got something.

UntitledConclusion:  I just wasted my time.

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