It’s always sad to see a staple of your town close its doors and now, Stafford Springs, way up on the Massachusetts line, has to deal with their beloved, Baker’s furniture, going out of business. But this isn’t just ANY furniture store- it’s the OLDEST FURNITURE STORE IN THE NATION!

207 years old!? It opened the day BEFORE Abraham Lincoln was born. Man, now I’m even bummed out. But what does any store do before it shuts the doors forever? It has an awesome sale. And they are doing just that. 65% off RUGS and 50% off furniture!? I may have to road trip up there. And the actual store itself is very cool- it’s in an old Victorian home, so everything about this place just screams originality.

The sale starts TODAY. You can get all the info you need through their website here.

Top Image: Bakers Furniture Facebook

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