‘Twas not you that was in charge… Basically, if you’re a girl your overactive brain sometimes leads you into the land of insanity, Iliza Shlesinger gets you.  She understands and nurtures that incorrigible female brain of ours because that’s what makes us women.

But, the best part is, she says it’s not a bad thing.  In fact, it’s perfectly normal!

Cue the collective gasps.

But, once you recover from that stinging realization, you can’t help but fall in love with this oddball.

When I first watched Iliza Shlesinger’s Netflix special, Freezing Hot, back in 2014, I thought her humor was a little off brand.  She didn’t have the same punchlines or jokes that I became accustomed to for female comedians.

She put on an array of facial expressions, contorted her body, and made a myriad of strange sounds and voices.  But, as the special went on, I noticed I found her humor completely charming.  And, towards the end, realized just how freaking relateable she is.

“Guys, girls hate being cold… but we love cold weather.  That’s girl logic for you.”

The moment she said that, I couldn’t stop laughing.   After years of watching female comedians making quick jabs at fellow women using stereotypes that men found funny, Iliza was a breath of fresh air.   Sure, some of her routines mock women for being oversensitive or crazy, but Iliza Shlesinger mocks what brings women to the point of insanity on the daily.

She also takes it a step further by parodying how women play into those stereotypes to make life easier for themselves.  Lost your parked car?  Pretend to become overwhelmed by stress, cry about it, pretend someone stole it, and a nice police officer will help you find it.

But, the underlying message in her humor is this subliminal message: girls are way smarter than you give them credit for.

Her humor validates what many people brush off as “irrational” female behavior and she uses it to empower the audience.

On top of that, she tackles about the “unattractive” side of femininity and not for shock value.   True, it’s a sensitive topic that not many comedians explore because of the way society treats women.  As in, those magazines in the grocery store that say women should act like dolls with the manufacturer’s setting set to “pretty and perfect.”

Iliza Shlesinger takes on that mentality head on with every one of her routines.   She rushes right in to talk female sexuality, body hair, and all the bad decisions we make when we drink too much.  #PartyGoblin

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Heck, talking about hangovers is how she opens up her latest Netflix special, Confirmed Kills.

She doesn’t put on a persona because what you see on stage is who you see on Snapchat, Instagram, TV, and waiting patiently for an Uber.  She’s real and isn’t afraid to use her own personal experience to highlight a joke or make a point.

But, I think what makes the audience cheer and clap the most when she does her stand up is when she mentions dating.  Because dating in 2017 is downright impossible.  Especially for women.  She goes through everything that runs through our heads as we prepare for the date, go on the date, and awkwardly figure out how to end the date.

Watch her specials.  You’ll understand.

The biggest takeaway is: I find her humor oddly comforting.   She “gets” what its like to be a women and jokes about it in a way that doesn’t shame us.  By “getting” it, I mean that she puts it in a way that makes the light bulb over our heads light up. Plus, she puts it in a way that even men, like my 65-year-old father, understands.

In a way, she normalizes what it’s like to be a high-strung homo sapien with an X-chromosome.

Seriously, Iliza Shlesinger is a comedian you need to keep your eye on because she’s not going anywhere.  There’s a reason she’s the youngest and only female winner of NBC’s “Last Comic Standing.”

So grab your tickets to see her perform at College Street Music Hall on Friday, November 24th.  Yes, you get to spend Black Friday with Iliza Shlesinger.  How cool is that?

Purchase your tickets HERE.

And, while you wait for her show, check out her new book, Girl Logic.  Buy it by clicking HERE or by running to your nearest book store and demanding a copy.

Lastly, check out this sick podcast.

Either way, you should grab your friends and check Iliza out next week.  Besides, all that laughing will help you burn off those Thanksgiving calories.

Just sayin.

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