College is a formative time for a lot of people. We figure out what we like to study and what we want to do for work. We transition from children living at home to adults with some semblance of independence. Basically, we grow into the (hopefully) fully-functioning people we will be for decades to come.

Sometimes that goes poorly (see: Connecticut Man). Most times, it goes about as expected. And once in a while, something special happens.

On Super Bowl Sunday, a young woman from Shelton, Connecticut went above and beyond the typical college coming of age. She became a super hero!

According to NBC Connecticut, Mackenzie Thompson is a Shelton resident attending college at Boston University in Boston. After the Patriots won the Super Bowl on February 5, she walked with some friends toward Boston Common to join the celebration. Only, as she and her two pals walked down the street, something unexpected happened.

According to the report, they heard some glass breaking up ahead and saw a man walk out of a storefront carrying several paintings. Rather than panic and do nothing, or handle it reasonably and call the police, Thompson and her friends took off after the guy! He dropped the paintings and tried to flee, but they caught him and pinned him down until they could flag a police officer to come and make the arrest.

As far as I’m concerned, Thompson is basically Batman now. I don’t know exactly what I’d do in that situation, but I do know what I would not do. And I would definitely not chase down a mysterious criminal and try to make a citizen’s arrest. In my head, that’s just asking to get shanked on a Boston street and left for dead.

But not Mackenzie and her friends. They didn’t think twice. They did the right thing and proved that their formative college years are apparently being spent hitting the books in Super Heroes 101 and earning their degrees in Badassery.

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