You have most likely never heard of the town Collinsville, CT. If you have, you either live there or you are a huge fan of Halloween.

img_6925With a population just under 4,000 Collinsville is technically a considered a village in the town of Canton, CT. The central portion of the village is a historic district which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Collinsville was built around the Collins Company Axe Factory. A place that at one time manufactured various edge tools, such as axes, machetes, picks and knives. This factory is now, for the most part, abandoned. Which makes for a fantastic spooky backdrop that is perfect for Halloween.

Collinsville is nationally recognized as one of the best places in the country for Halloween. This weekend is basically their Super Bowl. There is a big parade, costumes, candy, the whole thing. If you want to experience Halloween in the most New England way possible you must visit Collinsville this weekend.

The ghouls are gathering at 6pm this Saturday for the parade. I suggest you get there early and celebrate with one of the best Halloween towns in America.img_6929






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