Governor Malloy already nitpicked several items he didn’t like in the latest bipartisan budget proposal.  Basically, thanks to those tiny details, he will probably veto it.  Meaning Connecticut might head back to square one.

CT Post reports that this is the nation’s longest budget impasse in history.  Obviously, even lawmakers want to end this little budget turf war.  However, with impatience comes impulsive decision making and you know what that means.  We wind up the ones punished for it.

Which is why so many of us looked at the latest budget and marveled over the $800 million in new taxes in fees.  Yes, our lawmakers came for the moths in our wallet.

But, you can’t argue that the state is out of time.  With Connecticut running on “bare bones” executive orders, about 80 municipalities will lose public school funding.  If that happens… well… think rampant layoffs.

Lots of layoffs.  And the axing of all the school programs kids love, like art and music.  If those schools still have art and music class, that is.

Since I already established the Governor really doesn’t care about teachers, he’s in no hurry to pass a new budget.

What he does care about, though, is his precious Green Bank.  It’s one of his major achievements during his time as Governor (besides nearly bankrupting the state.)  Basically, the Green Bank takes in money from natural gas and electricity customers for green energy startups and programs.  Like solar panels for low income residents.

Well, the bipartisan budget completely sweeps the $90 million from the bank and puts it into the General Fund.  But, come on, we knew that was only a matter of time given what happened with the pension and special transportation funds.   We saw that writing on the wall and didn’t blink an eye.

Even though the Green Bank asserts raiding its funds will cause 2,400 people to lose their jobs and also shut down the state’s solar program.

So, that’s the hill Dan Malloy wants to die on.  He can’t stand the fact that his precious green energy funds could potentially face the axe to keep the state running.   So, he says those “unacceptable grounds” are enough to warrant a veto.

“Democrats and Republicans share a belief that sweeping funds designated for the Connecticut Green Bank, the Clean Energy Fund, and the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund are tantamount to a tax on the backs of ratepayers.  I remain committed to our ratepayers and to protecting these funds that reduce energy costs while reducing our dependency on fossil fuels.”

And because he announced that, our legislative leaders went back to the drawing board to make a budget that’ll make… our governor happy.

Yes.  Not us.  Our governor.  The governor that practically every taxpaying citizen hates.  That governor.

Here’s my profound logic… saving schools from making extremely tough decisions about our children’s education due to Dan Malloy’s budget cuts > green energy funds.  I think a good chunk of residents also agree with that mathematical equation.

Just saying.

Either way, it means all of us will have to cough up more money to claw our way out of the red.  That’s why our lawmakers decided against retracting that much-hated car tax.

Our legislative leaders say they will have a budget to vote on by Wednesday at 7pm.

Should our governor pitch a fit and veto it, we’ll know he cares more about his pet projects than the real damage his executive orders will have on the state.

So, then the issue falls on the house and senate.  Will they have enough votes to override Governor Malloy’s veto?

No matter what happens this week, it’s the people of Connecticut who will lose.  Our schools, our children, and our overall cost of living will suffer because of all this political pageantry.

Don’t forget that when you head to the polls.

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