Halloween is almost upon us, and people are looking left and right for what they want to dress up as this year. There’s countless good ideas – everything from new “Star Wars” characters, to “American Horror Story: Hotel” deviants, to Donald Trump.

This is not one of the good ideas.

Think of this as a public service exercise, but not just you – for the good of humanity because literally *no one* should ever purchase the following item.

I didn’t want to give away the costume in the teaser image; you only got a hint…because it’s just too incredibly awful. But please be aware that the world has now come to this:

Yep, it’s not a common, everyday item turned a “sexy” object – it’s just a hashtag (or, if you’re a grandfather on a terrible sitcom, a “pound sign.”)

By the way, if you’re wondering who Chris Messina is – he invented the hashtag concept that has literally changed the world. So he has some authority on this subject.

Seriously, even just being the Twitter bird would be better than this monstrosity.

I’m sorry, but this is just one costume I cannot favorite.

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