You know, for a state that LOVES to brag about its strong anti-bullying stance, it’s sure doing a good job of conveying anything but.

WTNH reported, which was soon picked up by every mainstream media outlet in the history of ever, that some PTO princesses didn’t like how one particular volunteer coach took a stand against bullying.

Here’s how it went down: Todd Kennedy was the coach of the Durham Middlefield Falcons, a youth football team made up of kids between grades 4 through 6.

Kennedy noticed one of the kids was bullying his teammates and wanted to nip it in the bud.  He didn’t immediately discipline the problem child right away and, instead, made it clear to the team that any bullying will not be tolerated.

There you go, verbal warning.  Setting up boundaries.  Letting the kids know what is and is not acceptable behavior.

However, the bullying persisted.  So, Coach Kennedy ordered the kid to do a few laps.

The kid took his punishment like a champ and without complaint, so Kennedy figured the kid learned his lesson.  He didn’t make the kid sit out the rest of practice like a pariah, suspend him for a game, nor eject him from the team.  He made the little hellion exercise.

Oh, the horror.  The humiliation.

That’s apparently exactly what the parents of that special little snowflake from hell thought.  They felt the disciplinary measure was Miss Trunchbull levels of bad so they assembled the board, whined about how little Johnny was punished for being bad, and somehow convinced the entire board to unanimously fire Kennedy.

The justification?  Kennedy wasn’t qualified to make such a decision on how to punish a bully.

May I add that Kennedy is a father of two sons.  Both of whom were on the team.  Methinks that’d be qualification enough.

I mean, really?  If you didn’t think this guy was qualified to handle bullies how the heck did you think he was qualified to handle an entire football team?  Then again, knowing how Connecticut just loves making teachers jump through hoops to get their certifications…

Really now.  Coach Kennedy was deemed to be overstepping his bounds because he wanted to make sure every kid felt safe on his team?  Give me a break.

People are saying that Kennedy was right to be fired because he didn’t document that the bullying was going on.  Apparently, everything needs to be in writing before action can be taken.

Excuse me.  What?

You’re telling me a teacher or coach happens across a kid pummeling another kid and instead of breaking it up, they have to grab their pen and paper to report on this like some beat reporter?  No wonder why the world is going to hell in a hand basket.

Either way, the Durham Middlefield Falcons board (who still have yet to publicly speak on the matter) successfully managed to make themselves and their respective hometowns look like a bunch of idiots.  And they probably are a bunch of idiots to say Coach Kennedy was out of line for making a football player do laps.  LAPS.

Anyways, Connecticut is in the limelight today because the entire world is completely astounded about the message this idiot team just established: “We protect bullies.”

Yeah, congrats on that.  Now that little brat (and his buddies) have been emboldened and will now probably terrorize other kids on the team.  Yeah, good job for standing up for what’s right.

But there is a silver lining to this story: other parents were mortified about the board’s decision and yanked their kids off the team.  I mean, really, who wants to play for an organization that willingly looks the other way when a kid needs their guidance most?  And then punishes those who stands up for them.

Yeah, I wouldn’t be too privy on supporting that team, either.   So, good job Durham Middlefield Falcons, you really made Connecticut proud.

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