Multiple Connecticut state agencies were victims of a malevolent cyber attack over the weekend.

According to NBC Connecticut, the Department of Administrative Services (DAS) said the security system detected a problem on Friday night. The event appeared to match a ransomware virus. And according to information obtained by NBC, the virus was a WannaCry Virus.

A ransomware virus is a type of malicious virus that infects a victim’s software and data. In other words, the virus could leak protected information or block access to the machine itself.

Antivirus software protected most of the state computers. However 160 machines, unfortunately, succame to the worrisome event.

News 8 reports that the 160 infected machines spanned 12 state agencies, however which agencies were affected was unclear.

The DAS worked with IT and other agency partners to contain the threat and fix the problem. According to DAS spokesperson, Jeffrey Beckham says, they “have made significant progress and contained the virus.”

The agencies stopped the virus from spreading. Therefore, they reported no lost data.

Chief Information Officer for the Department of Administrative Services, Mark Raymond said there was a full containment of the virus and there should be no hindrance to business, as usual, this week.

The whole ordeal Connecticut just went through is a harsh reminder to all computer users: update your antivirus software as often as possible! While those cat videos may seem harmless, better to be safe than sorry!

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