When I first read the headline “white squirrel”, I thought of a beautiful, magical animal. Upon further investigation of this albino woodland creature, I realized it gave me scary Monty Python flashbacks. Kinda cute, but mostly, let me run for the hills. I know I know, there was a rabbit in Monty Python, NOT a squirrel, but the similarities are striking.

Watch at your own risk (I’m warning you now!):

Our own white squirrel was spotted in Westport on Thursday afternoon, and The Department of Energy & Environmental Protection posted a picture of the little critter:

Thank you to Roger D'Agostin for sharing this photo of an albino squirrel at Sherwood Island State Park. Has anyone else spotted a leucistic (white) or albino (white with red eyes) squirrel in Connecticut?

Posted by Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection (DEEP) on Thursday, January 14, 2016

Awww look at the little guy! I’m still afraid though. Albino squirrels are a rare, but welcoming sight in the Nutmeg State, and Stratford supposedly has a lot of them running around! If you’ve ever seen one, let us know!

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