If you think a wedding costs a ton; you probably live in Connecticut.  A recent study named it one of the most expensive states to jump the broom!

Fairfield Daily Voice reports that The Knot, a popular wedding planning service, discovered this recent finding.  They surveyed about 13,000 brides and grooms to compile their latest list.  Since then, they worked on just how much people drop on their wedding day on a state-by-state and national average.

In doing so, they isolated the 15 priciest places to have a wedding.

As it turns out, Connecticut is the 9th most expensive state to have a wedding.  So, if you have your heart set on saying your “I do’s” in the state, it’ll cost you about $41,745.

Meanwhile, the national average is $29,858.   They also said that’s the highest recorded level since they started this survey.

Sure, bridal gowns, flowers, caterers, music, decorations, and the rest costs a ton.  It doesn’t help that some of Connecticut’s most beautiful places to say “I do” cost you an arm and a leg to reserve.

But, then again, many women have dreams of having their wedding right on the beach.  Or, at least, overlooking it.

And since Connecticut is one of the most expensive states, period, that ultimately affects the price tag.

But Connecticut’s wedding costs pale in comparison to the #1 spot on the list: Manhattan.  If you want to have your wedding there, it’ll cost you $86,916!

Long Island is a distant 2nd at $57,343.

But, if you want the beautiful New England landscape and fantastic water views, Maine might serve as a perfect alternate.  Although they still made the list, they came in 15th.  The average cost to have a ceremony there is $29,854, which is $4 less than the national average!

So, where’s the place where you want to exchange vows?  Where did you get married, anyway, and how much did it cost you?

Also, if you’re open to suggestions, check out the Beardsley Zoo because they’re the top venue in the state!

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