Winter is a brutal season here in Connecticut. It means shoveling. It means difficult driving conditions. And, most of all, it means asking ourselves this unanswerable question: “Why do we live where the air hurts our face?”

But there is some upside. Despite the snow, ice, and freezing temperatures, winter does give us one truly good thing. It gives us a few months to take a break from the local animals reminding us who’s boss.

You see, last year we had all manner of crazy animal stories. Bears breaking into high school reunions. Bears breaking into houses. Bears meandering through backyards and climbing trees. Basically, the bears were going wild after months of hibernation.

And those last three words are the most critical. Months of hibernation. In 2016, the first major bear sighting didn’t come until April. All winter we got to relax and not worry about a giant black bear ramming it’s paw through our kitchen window or a bobcat mauling our dog. Those were nice times.

2017 is feeling a little less peaceful. Already we’ve seen a bobcat attack three women, a bear force two Connecticut schools to lockdown, and now another bobcat sighting in Middletown.

According to NBC Connecticut, the bobcat was actually spotted near a farm that has twenty horses. Suffice to say, this little sighting could have been worse.

But the relatively harmless outcome doesn’t change the fact that unseasonably warm temperatures have roused our furry friends a little earlier than usual. It’s only early March, but bears are out of hibernation and apparently bobcats are well into their mating season.

There’s nothing wrong with any of that, but it does change how we humans have to behave. We can’t kick our feet up and not think about bears until April this year. No, as far as the animals are concerned, spring is here and they’re feeling frisky.

So be aware as you’re out and about. Don’t be surprised or scared if you see an animal wandering around looking for some grub. Just remain calm, report your sighting, and do your best to keep yourself and the animal safe.

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