Thanksgiving is notorious for being one of the worst nights of the year for drunk driving. With people traveling all over the place, Thanksgiving Eve being one of the biggest drinking nights of the year, and most people guzzling booze to make their families tolerable, it’s a real risk.

Connecticut, sadly, is one of the worst places for that risk. According to a report from The New Haven Register, our state is actually the third worst state in the country for drunk driving fatalities. Of fatal accidents in Connecticut, a whopping 41 percent involved drivers impaired by alcohol.

That’s really troubling, but not entirely surprising. Connecticut is a widely spread state, with attractions often a good distance from most people’s homes. Moreover, there is not truly comprehensive public transportation option in most cities. It’s pretty much cabs, Uber, or driving yourself. It’s not shocking that people talk themselves into getting behind the wheel after a night out at the bar.

As we enter the night of Thanksgiving Eve and a four-day weekend when all of us will indulge at one point or another, make sure you’re doing your part to discourage drunk driving. Don’t do it yourself. Take keys from people who might do it. Offer your couch or spare bed or floor to friends trying to travel after a night of drinking. Let’s get our numbers down and stop making our roads so deadly.

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